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BandPage is a music software startup that enabled half a million artists to manage their data on the major music streaming services.

Challenges included a fast paced evolving business that targeted multiple audiences within the dynamic music industry. Many product surface areas required complex UIs and precise communication of service offerings.

At BandPage I contributed with JavaScript engineering, UI/UX design and prototyping.

Shown here is my redesign of the BandPage landing page, featuring a new onboarding with more lucid communication and new value propositions.

Such redesigns were instigated as the company's audience shifted within the music management industry.

Editing tools

One of our main challenges for users (and internal teams) was data editing and management.

Featured here is a design that provided visual hints on how the data entered would be used when shown to end users, for effective contextualization and understanding for our internal artist outreach teams.

Solutions like this were crucial to enhance quality of artist profile data, before it got distributed into our complex partner network, and used in very different contexts.

I also contributed with design and implementation of a visual redesign of the BandPage editor. This was our main UI used by either artists themselves, managers or partners/labels.

Acquisition by Google

While at BandPage the company got acquired by Google to join the music team at YouTube, where I continued as a software engineer.